Tesco’s iPhone 4 price plans are pretty good!

I have to say I’m consistently impressed with Tesco’s clear and straight forward iPhone pricing. I really do like how they’re pricing the device and the contracts. Whilst they’ve limited the options, I think this will make decisions for Tesco’s target consumer very, very easy.

Here’s the tariff structure:

Pay As You Go is nice and simple. Plonk down 569 pounds and you’ll have unlimited data (1GB) for 12 months, unlimited WiFi and a brand new 32GB iPhone 4. Since it’s PAYG you need to obviously pay for your call and texts — but Tesco will triple your credit. So spent £10 and you get £30 worth of calls and texts. Basically, if you don’t want the arse of a 24 month contract, this is one of the cheapest ways of getting hold of a 32GB iPhone 4. Indeed, if you’re planning on using your iPhone as a secondary device (like I do — the Bold 9700 is my primary phone), then Tesco’s PAYG option really is a super choice.

Of course, you need to bear the £569 pain up front for the 32GB or £479 for the 16GB version.

Alternatively, you can get Tesco’s help with subsidy on a 12-month contract. I have to say I’m rather attracted by the £45/month 24-month unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited (1GB) data and unlimited fair-use WiFi. The 8GB iPhone 3GS is free on that price plan and you’ll only have to stump up £99 for the iPhone 4 32GB.

And if you’re into collecting clubcard points, do take a look at Tesco Mobile.

I wonder how many people will be walking into Tesco to do their weekly shop and find themselves walking out with a PAYG iPhone 4? 😉

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/z1MWP)


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