Existing Times iPad App users get 1 month subscription free

Interesting to see that The Times team have decided to give all their existing subscribers — or iPad app purchasers — an additional 30 days subscription. The news arrived this afternoon by email for all subscribers.

Why? Well it’s a token of their appreciation.

One MIR reader wrote in with this comment:

I like their approach to encouraging users to upgrade and to speak positively of their product. A month’s free subscription has no material cost to them but is a real value for early adopters who enjoy the content they create.

And whilst I do agree with this viewpoint, I also wonder what the internal justification is for this. Will it, for example, delay the pain and ensure they can include the first month’s subscribers in the second month’s stats? The virtual equivalent of printing freebies?

Or is it genuine recognition that there have been the odd issues now and again?

Or perhaps after 60 odd days of use, you really will be thoroughly enjoying the app and will automatically extend your subscription?

I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t actually logged on to my iPad to check out the editions, but if you have, I’d welcome your views on how you’re finding the experience.

To qualify for the extended 30-day offer, just update your Times App to 1.4 at the iTunes App Store.

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/v70Nk)


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