Are you at MEM2010 tomorrow & Wednesday?

It’s a busy week this week. This evening is the MEFFYs award ceremony and tomorrow, MEM2010 starts. MEM stands for Mobile Entertainment Market and I always thoroughly enjoy the event. Last year I moderated a panel and this year, I’m delighted to be moderating another one.

Here’s the subject:

The Apps Explosion: What Does the Proliferation of Apps and App Stores Mean for the Traditional Content and Media Industry and How Must Their Strategies Adapt?

No pressure, eh?

And here are some of the questions I’ll be posing to the panel:

– With fragmentation amongst handsets and now app stores continuing plague the industry, what are the key decisions rights owners need to make when planning their content distribution strategy?
– Will the Wholesale Applications Community create a new, open ecosystem which will reduce friction in the route to market?
– Changing consumer demands: How must your business plan evolve to cater for new content consumption habits and expectations?
– Can in-app advertising/ad-funded apps help increase the delivery of mobile media?

The panel comprises:

– Oded Ran, Head of Consumer Marketing, Windows Phone UK, Microsoft
– Mark Linder, Global Client Leader, WPP
– Philip Blair, Product Director, HTC
– Tim Raby, Managing Director, OMTP

Now I haven’t met any of these chaps — but I’ve interviewed Tim Haysom of OMTP quite a few times so I’m reasonably familiar with them. It’ll be nice to meet Oded Ran. Having spent the best part of 4 years publicly trashing the simply bollocks Windows Mobile platform here on Mobile Industry Review, I am hugely excited at the possibility of Microsoft delivering a super new service in the form of ‘Windows Phone’. I saw it at MWC and it does look very, very encouraging.

I can’t say too much about HTC on the basis of not really knowing them too well. I couldn’t tell you who their PR is. Nice devices though.

And WPP, well it’ll be fascinating to see what Mark has to say on the subject of apps.

The panel is from 1120am until midday tomorrow. I’m not sure on the ticket situation but I’m sure if you give them a call, they’ll be able to sort you out.

Check out the conference Agenda. I hope to see you there!

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