Barclaycard’s Rollercoaster Extreme iPhone game coming soon

Barclaycard have done it again! Do you remember the Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme game (iTunes link)? It easily became one of the most successful branded free apps hitting over 12 million downloads (to date) and earning the coveted #1 spot in 57 countries. Next up from Barclaycard is Rollercoaster Extreme. The concept being to ‘ride’ the rollercoaster and collect points and beating the clock. Perfect causal gaming for the commute. Heh.

This is a super example of the the branded game being used to astonishing effect to propel a brand into the minds of a target audience. It makes a lot of sense since everyone with an iPhone is pre-qualified to be of some relevance to the company since you’ve probably had to commit to a long and expensive contract.

If you’d like to have a look at how the app looks, you can see a preview here:

Rollercoaster Extreme is coming soon.

Here’s a reminder of what Waterslide Extreme looked like:

(My Original Blog Post:


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