Put.io – online media storage for torrents, audio, docs, videos & images

Reader Kirk dropped me a note today about Put.io, a new online storage service that, as the site explains, fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately. You can use it to stream video, listen to your music and share your library with friends.

It’s an interesting take on the online storage conundrum that has been plaguing me for some time. I see a lot of similarities between Put.io and ZumoDrive, however Put.io offers some features I haven’t seen before, namely the ability to fetch files from many places (e.g. bittorrent, FTP, direct downloads, RapidShare and http authenticated links). They’ll also watch RSS feeds for you and download new content automatically, and since they’re rocking super-fast gigabit ports on their servers, they reckon they’ll be able to download stuff a lot faster than your home connection could. Once they’ve got the data, of course, then they can serve it to you in super-quick time.

What’s it cost? Well 10GB storage and bandwidth will set you back $4.90 a month — that’s the ‘beginner’ plan. The premium plan costs $19.90 and comes with 100GB storage and bandwidth. I also see that they are limiting sign-ups on each of the plans:

If you’re doing a lot of downloading, sharing and streaming, I reckon Put.io may well be highly useful. Do take a look!

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/85RJ0)


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