Clarityn Hayfever app gets 5,500 downloads a day, 72k total in 2 weeks

Congratulations to the team behind the Clarityn Hayfever application which we covered on The Application Review last week. The application has knocked back a highly respectable 72,000 downloads in just two weeks (or roughly 5,500 per day). I know mobile developers who would kill for 5k downloads a month, so kudos.

I’m particularly interested to see what the Clarityn team do next. Surely they must be considering launching on other platforms? I’d like to see them take a poke at Nokia’s Ovi Store, BlackBerry AppWorld and of course, Android. Maybe even Samsung’s Bada, depending on budget. It’s not good enough to just stick it on the iPhone as there’s a heck of a lot of other platforms out there deserving of attention.

I’d like to know how the Clarityn marketing team are reacting to the application’s success. The figures sound good to me for something that’s essentially a direct engagement experiment.

Here’s the ‘genius marketing’ point I made in the original article I wrote:

I’ve had the app on my iPhone for about a week now and I’ve grown accustomed to quickly hitting the welcoming Clarityn icon each morning to see whether I really need to dose up to avoid spending the day sniffing. This is genius, genius marketing. Not only am I liking Clarityn for helping given me an idea as to the day’s pollen count, but I’m seeing the Clarityn logo every time I sweep past my apps on my iPhone. Is this nearing the holy grail when it comes to advertising? It’s measurable — they know how many folk are downloading it. They probably know how many times I’m opening it too, if they’ve got stats tracking embedded into the app and I’m getting my Clarityn ‘brand prompt’ at least once or twice a day. And I’m happy because they’ve given me a reasonably fun way of finding out the pollen count. Like it.

(You can pick the app up free on the App Store.)

(My Original Blog Post:


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