iPad day is coming this Friday — are you in?

Goodness me there’s quite an iPad echo-chamber going on around the marketplace. Almost everyone I speak to is craving or mentioning the iPad in one way or another. The launch, of course, has been ridiculously delayed. If you believe Apple’s brilliantly convenient ‘message’, they completely stuffed up their distribution logistics which led to them having to regretfully push back the UK (and international) launch of the device. This from a company with billions and billions of dollars in the bank and a team of geniuses. Are you telling me they can conceive of the iPad but not get their logistics in order? Anyway.

Whatever the reason, all is about to be forgotten. The iPad-is-a-coming. I saw my first one (that doesn’t belong to me or another mobile industry chap) in the wild today at the Westfield shopping mall. The Apple Store is quietly proclaiming the arrival with a little sign.

In London I think we’re going to see more and more of them around shortly.

Have you ordered one?

If so, what model did you go for?

And — if applicable — what network are you selecting for your iPad?

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/F1noV)


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