Upgrade your N900 over-the-air today

No matter what your perspective on the smartphone wars, people still do refer to the N900 in hushed respectful tones. Yes it’s a bit-of-a-brick, but yes, it packs some awesome power. Any geek worth his or her salt will most certainly appreciate the ability to run a terminal window and SSH into their servers with ease. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next generation of N900 offers.

But meantime, if you’re packing an N900, you can upgrade it today:

Nokia today announced availability of a new software update version PR1.2 for the N900, its multi-tasking mobile phone powered by Maemo. Available over-the-air, the update provides access to brand new content available in the Ovi store as well as improved usability through features add-ons including:

– Video calling with Skype
– Facebook IM chat
– Portrait Browsing – with the addition of a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen

– E-mail and Calendar improvements;
>> E-mail: toolbar changes, live text search functionality (body, title, sender and receiver list) and a new copy-paste-send button
>> Calendar: respond to calendar invitations whilst working in e-mail (not in calendar), forwarding from toolbar. Listing of participants and meeting organiser in description field of email.

N900 users can now enjoy brand new applications and services through the Ovi store including Jurassic Rollercoaster 3D, QuickPanorama Pro, Angry Birds level pack, Sygic Mobile maps and more.

Good news. You can find the change log here and you should be able to access the update from the device’s ‘update’ function.

Don’t forget that this update also enables Qt 4.6 for developers. Qt is a-coming!

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/mNo7O)


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