Getting an iPad? 3UK’s micro-sim is £10 for 10GB/month

3 have announced their rather competitive deals for the iPad. Here are the simple choices:

– 1GB monthly rolling contract: £7.50/month
– 10GB monthly rolling contract: £15/month

Now that sounds pretty good, right? Well it’ll sound even better when you check Vodafone’s iPad price plan which tops out at £25/month for 5GB. Vodafone would have you believe that their network is a heck of a lot better than 3’s. I’ve always found 3 exceedingly good, especially in the case of mobile data speeds.

I think, on balance, I could be persuaded to get a 3 MicroSIM on 7.50/month for my iPad.

But then again, I got the WiFi only version. If I can give that one to the wife then upgrade to the 64GB+3G version, then I think it’s time for 3. That said, there’s a lot of love in the room for Orange too. o2 need to do a bit of work on their network still.

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