Panacea Mobile launches global mobile service (and a special 25% Bulk SMS discount offer!)

I had a note in from long-time reader, Stefano Sessa, one of the founders of recently established Panacea Mobile.

Panacea Mobile is a new mobile services company, launched in South Africa, however operate globally. They aim to bundle the expertise required to run a successful mobile project, by taking care of all the various elements, from Strategy Consulting to Bulk SMS to Application and Service development.

If you’re looking for a company to ‘handle’ your mobile/SMS requirements — that is, take control of the nitty gritty, or to enable an API service you’ve got in mind — definitely consider Panacea. You’ll find Stefano and his colleagues eager to impress and keen to do business.

But, wait! There’s more!

Yes indeed, Stefano’s got a special offer for all MIR readers.

Stefano writes:

For the next month, we are offering all MIR readers who sign up for a Bulk SMS account an additional 25% free, on any amount! The promotion ends on the 24th of June. Make sure you register now and take full advantage of this offer. Or just visit our site and make contact, we’d love to hear from you!!”

That sounds like an excellent deal. To take advantage of it, you’ll need a Panacea Mobile account (free to register) and then use this code at the checkout: MIRLAUNCH

Thanks Stefano — and congratulations on the launch!

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