BlackBerry’s 6.0 browser upgrade can’t come soon enough for me

My 9700 BlackBerry Bold is working out rather nicely. I got it on Vodafone last week after enjoying using the 9700 I was testing.

I do have a problem with it though — the browser. BlackBerry’s browser still feels as though it’s 2003. It *does* work, but actually doing anything serious is a nightmare. Even Google doesn’t correctly format for it, giving me stupidly small text when I’m trying to search.

I was on the train last night looking at a BBC News link I’d been sent when this happened:


Now I recognise that the BBC News page was a ‘full size’ one, but this is entirely unacceptable. ‘Too large’ for the device? Sort it out then!

At this moment I really felt as though I’d picked the wrong device. The 9700 is a fantastic messaging device — which makes it my primary choice still, but I ended up going to my iPhone and using it to read the BBC News page with ease.

You’re looking dated, BlackBerry 😐

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