Developer Offscreen knocks back 25 million downloads from Nokia’s Ovi Store

The chances are that you haven’t come across Offscreen Technologies, especially if — like most of the marketplace — you are naturally focused on the iPhone and Android platforms.

Offscreen are similar to many popular mobile developers you might care to mention. They create games, productivity apps and general entertainment/fun apps. The only difference is that Offscreen focus on Nokia’s Ovi Store. And that focus has resulted in 25 million downloads from 110 countries in about a year.

They are prolific. Just a quick glance down their product list reveals 50+ apps available for purchase. The company focuses on apps for Nokia’s touch devices, like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97, Nokia X6 and Nokia N900.

Several Offscreen Technologies apps have been downloaded more than million times each, like Level Touch, Bright Light Touch and Labyrinth Lite Touch.

So when you’re waking at 4am in the morning, sweat pouring off your brow, worrying about the ridiculous competition on the iTunes App Store, do think about companies like Offscreen who are focusing on the Ovi Store. They are currently eating your breakfast, lunch, dinner and having a little bit of desert wine, followed by some port, thanks to the fact you’re too busy stuffing the iTunes App Store with 17 different iFart apps to compete with them elsewhere.

Of course, I’m certainly not suggesting that rushing your apps into the Ovi Store will make you a millionaire overnight. Instead, I want to be clear that there is substantial opportunity with the likes of the Ovi Store and other platforms, simply because everyone else is focusing on iPhone and Android.

Congratulations Offscreen — and it’s time for a tip of the hat again to the Ovi Store team who must be beginning to smile. I look forward to more good news in the future!

And if you need pointing in the right direction for other platforms, drop me a note, I’m happy to help and well connected.

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