iPad: UK + European developers shouldn’t wait

If you’re a UK company operating in the mobile space and you don’t have an iPad to play and test with, then you’re off your rocker. Further, if you’re a UK firm already responsible for publishing iPhone applications and you don’t yet have an iPad, well that’s ridiculous.

Whatever you think of the device, positive or negative, I strongly recommend getting hold of one and then confirming your opinion, rather than just reading about it. Text and video does not do any justice whatsoever.

And if you were holding off buying a UK version, the news that the device won’t hit the marketplace until mid-May (pricing and pre-order starts 10th May), I recommend getting one from the States.

Yes you won’t be able to use the App Store icon on the device (for some stupid reason, Apple hardcoded that to the US Store), but you can easily install apps via iTunes and then sync perfectly fine.

Unless cash is a critical issue, it’s no longer a valid excuse to say you’re going to ‘wait a few weeks’. Because it’s now going to be delayed for at least 7-8 weeks now. Which represents a superb opportunity to get some decent development done with a live device before the UK launch.

If you’d like to get one from the States, MIR reader Giff will, I’m sure, be happy to oblige. Drop me a note if you’d like me to connect you.

Posted via email from MIR Live

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/kVmek)


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