iPad: Thank you Giff Gfroerer from i2SMS

Giff Gfroerer rescued me on Thursday evening.

He saw my post late last week asking if anyone would be interested in helping me out by buying an iPad and shipping it over to me.

He dropped me a note explaining that he lived nearby one of the Apple Stores in Atlanta and said he’d pick one up on Saturday morning.

I could have hugged him — if he wasn’t 3,000 miles away.

Saturday rolled by and sure enough, Giff popped by the Apple Store and picked up the iPad, phoned UPS, handed it over and woosh, it arrived yesterday morning.

Giff, thank you very much indeed for going out of your way to do so.

Giff is President, North America, of i2SMS, one of America’s leading providers of customised 2-way SMS text message solutions. The key phrase there, by the way, is ‘2-way’. There’s a ton of companies who will sell you one-way messaging services, but still — even today — a dearth of companies that specialise in return-path messaging. It’s absolutely critical for any decent messaging application I can think of. So it’s no surprise that i2SMS work with all sorts of organisations that need to deploy reliable 2-way messaging — airports, financial institutions, real estate companies, marketing agencies and IT companies.

i2SMS have a rock-solid network, they’re connected into 500+ operators across 180+ countries. So if you’re looking for messaging services, please talk to Giff and tell him I sent you. If you’d like an introduction, mail me and I’ll sort it out.

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/zzLS9)


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