My kingdom for an iPad: Buy me one and I’ll send FedEx for it

Ok so flying to America for the day just to buy an iPad is silly.

It has been explained to me by many, not least my wife, that it would not be an efficient use of time and resources. That is despite an array of ‘could change the world’ explanations.

So. If you’re going to go to the Apple Store and buy an iPad this weekend, get one for me and FedEx it pronto. You’re allowed 2 per person. I can phone FedEx and get them to pick it up if that’s easier. Or simply take it to the nearest Kinkos. I’ll PayPal you the cash right-away, including — of course — a bit extra to cover the PayPal transaction fees and a service charge of your suggestion.

There are also quite a few other readers here in London (and across the planet) who are, I’m sure, keen to get their hands on one.

If you think you could do this, then I’m game. Drop me a note — — and we can discuss logistics.

The model I think I need: 16GB WiFi at $499.

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