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Copilot Live HD for the iPad 3G is coming soon; looks *amazing*

April 29, 2010

CoPilot Live HD for iPad 3G models has gone live. It’s only available in America and it’s designed *specifically* for the iPad 3G model (as you’ll want to get data live from the CoPilot servers as you navigate). All street maps are stored on the device though.

The HD version makes proper, PROPER use of the massive iPad screen real estate with the rather nice split screen driving mode (as illustrated above). That offers uncluttered 3D/2D maps along with clear turn instructions. And you can have the experience in portrait or landscape mode.

You will need some kind of stand or holder though. I haven’t seen many of them around yet.

Here’s a little more from the CoPilot release:

Initially launched in North America to coincide with the U.S. release of GPS-enabled iPad 3G models, detailed street-level maps are stored directly on the iPad. Customers do not need to download maps for each trip or worry about being left stranded without maps in mobile dead spots. Apps for additional regions will be launched as the iPad 3G becomes available worldwide in coming months.
More than just turn-by-turn navigation, CoPilot Live HD’s powerful offline trip planning and route preview features allow travellers to plan door-to-door itineraries on their iPad before they hit the road. Users can enter multiple stops for a single journey and optimise to calculate the most efficient route. Advanced features include integral access to local search, real-time weather information, and the ability to create customised routing profiles that best suit personal preferences.

“CoPilot Live HD provides an absolutely sensational GPS navigation and planning experience on iPad 3G,” said Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director at ALK Technologies. “Developing for iPad was a natural step following the tremendous popularity of our CoPilot Live iPhone app. It’s a really fantastic platform for navigation that allows us to fully exploit the many years of expertise we have gained from supporting tablet computers with our CoPilot Live Laptop products.”

CoPilot Live HD North America has been submitted to the appstore for approval, and is expected to be available to buy for iPad 3G in early May. Pricing will be the same as for the CoPilot Live iPhone app with no ongoing fees or subscriptions.

And if you’d like to admire some more screenshots, check out the CoPilot HD Flickr Gallery.

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GetJar’s Top 20 downloaded apps in March revealed

April 29, 2010

Patrick over at GetJar just published their recent “GetChart” for March, listing the top 20 most popular downloads by their United States visitors.

Facebook is predictably still right at the top. That’s done something well in advance of 50m downloads on GetJar to date. It’s good to see Nimbuzz in there at number 7, followed by MIR-favourite, Flirtomatic at number 8.

Congratulations everyone!

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Deploying Steve Jobs to assert Apple’s position against Adobe: Panic in Cupertino?

April 29, 2010

You know the Adobe/Apple issue has escalated into outright business war when Steve Jobs pens a 22 paragraph statement picking apart the Adobe position and reminding the Apple iFaithful precisely why they love the marketeer, the man, the genius that is Jobs.

The fact that Jobs has decided to post a public ‘blog’ (“Thoughts on Flash“) speaks volumes about their desire to control the message. Rarely does Apple ever actually ‘manage’ the media directly like this because most of the American sites and pundits do such a brilliant job of toeing the Apple line with little direct guidance.

But the Flash issue has (or had) the capacity to really boil over into a very ugly affair. Remember, if you will, that almost everyone related to the mobile industry in Silicon Valley has eyes for Apple. And ONLY Apple. Oh, it’s a bit cool to own a Verizon Droid or perhaps another recent HTC Android device. This makes you hip yet alternative. But everyone understands it’s all about Apple. Nokia, RIM, Samsung, Sony… are irrelevant as far as the Valley mindset goes.

But when Apple shuts the door on Adobe’s cross platform mobile initiative, a large proportion of the Valley took a second, slightly unnerved look.

Apple might has well have firebombed Adobe’s headquarters. It would have been less offensive than killing their entire mobile initiative.

Of course Adobe has a heck of a lot of interests beyond iPhone. Flash Lite, for example, is no stranger to millions of Nokia devices. But as far as the Valley is concerned, in the iCentric world, Adobe has been dealt a sucker of a blow by Apple. And that’s got quite a lot of people riled — because a heck of a lot of them are intimately familiar with Flash. A quick glance at Mobile Industry Review or Mobile Developer TV (in particular) reveals a reasonably heavy reliance on Flash. Indeed Mobile Developer TV is presented entirely via our own proprietary CDN setup (thanks to Rackspace Cloud) and Flash encoded video.

Such direct action has reminded quite a lot of people that the Emperor is stark raving naked. So much so that the Apple chaps have seen fit to roll out their number one gun. Having Jobs put his name to the note is about the most explosive option that Apple could deliver, short of putting him on primetime CNN or inviting the Silicon Valley elite to an impromptu Flash-is-shit keynote in San Francisco.

Jobs’ note is a very smart attempt to put the iFan minds at rest. His text expertly weaves a beautifully clear explanation calculated to ensure the majority of the iFans take note and buy the Apple line.

I think it’ll work for most, provided Adobe continues to sit back and stare at the wall. Adobe are toast. Jobs has made that patently clear. And unless Adobe get stuck into the debate and start calling out Jobs, it’s game over for them with the legions upon legions of iFans.

Many will be reading Jobs’ note and agreeing with his smartly argued sentiments. What iFan, previously quite content with Adobe and Flash, could fail to agree with the following statement from Jobs?

For example, although Mac OS X has been shipping for almost 10 years now, Adobe just adopted it fully (Cocoa) two weeks ago when they shipped CS5. Adobe was the last major third party developer to fully adopt Mac OS X.

Outrage! 😉

Quite simply, not supporting Flash and switching Adobe off iPad/iPhone is a very, very smart commercial move for Apple. They’re flying by the seat of their pants with the move, hence the Jobs public note and, all things being equal, it won’t be long before the (inaccurate) viewpoint shared by all who count (i.e. the Valley) is that Flash is PC era, Flash is buggy, Flash is highly irrelevant for mobile.

Goodness me it’s interesting watching this all take place on such a giant stage.

Do take a bit of time to read the Steve Jobs masterpiece. Do also take note of how it’s presented — just the familiar header, a title (“Thoughts on Flash”) and then 22-odd paragraphs. No whizzbang, no flashy(pun) graphics. Just you and Steve jobs learning all about how rubbish Flash is.


Come on Adobe. Let’s be hearing from you soon!

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HP puts Palm out of its misery for $1.2bn

April 28, 2010

Well it’s finally happened, praise the mobile gods. HP has agreed to buy the ultimate could-have-been Palm for a just a little more than a billion dollars (so reports Fierce Wireless.

The deal gives a much needed exit for the Palm team and gives HP’s rather confused mobile team something semi-useful to actually play with.

About time for both parties.

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The low-cost Android dream takes shape with the Vodafone 845

April 28, 2010

Despite the burgeoning fragmentation of the platform, the low-cost Android dream (i.e. a smartphone at a very, very accessible price) is continuing apace.

Today, Vodafone UK announce the forthcoming introduction of their Vodafone 845 device, the first Voda-branded Android handset. It’s low cost (no pricing news as yet), it runs on the latest version of Android (Eclair), it’s got a 2.8” screen, offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G/HSDPA connectivity, and features a 3.2MP camera and 500MB of memory as standard.


Here’s Andy from Vodafone’s eForum team introducing the device:

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How good is the N8’s 12 megapixel camera? Very good

April 27, 2010

Nokia’s Conversations blog has just published the first untouched pictures taken on a Nokia N8 device. The quality of the device’s camera looks absolutely phenomenal.

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Chen Kotecha of Scancom on their end-to-end BlackBerry service

April 27, 2010

If you’re looking to deploy BlackBerry in your organisation, whether it’s for 2 people or 2,000, chances are you’d be far better speaking to a specialist like Scancom than popping down to your local Vodafone store.

I bumped into Chen Kotecha of Scancom UK yesterday and asked if he could give me an overview of the company’s services, particularly from the perspective of buying, deploying and supporting BlackBerry services for enterprise.

Here’s the video:

If you’re on the hunt for assistance deploying BlackBerry, do give Chen and his team a call.

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Video: BlackBerry OS 6.0 sneak peak

April 27, 2010

I have to say that the all new BlackBerry OS 6.0 is looking rather nice. I’m looking forward to seeing how it actually works in the real world. Meantime, here’s a sneak peak video from today’s WES2010 event:

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Video: Control office security with Lenel Mobile Monitoring

April 27, 2010

Here’s Joshua Phillips, Director of Marketing for Lenel, talking about Lenel Mobile Monitoring for BlackBerry. Quite apart from the obvious security benefits, there’s something really cool about being able to lock/unlock doors in an office thousands of miles away, just by clicking a few buttons on your BlackBerry. Here’s the video:

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Gayle Guildford of Baltimore Police on deploying PocketCop for BlackBerry

April 27, 2010

Here’s the video that I promised featuring Gayle Guildford of the Baltimore Police Department discussing the deployment of InterAct’s PocketCop for BlackBerry.

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