Windows Mobile demo videos – interesting stuff

Microsoft has launched a round of videos showing off the next version of Windows Mobile. It’s very interesting to see how they’re marketing them. (These videos will only work for UK users unfortunately.)

First up — Windows Marketplace:

Windows Phone demo:

Windows Live demo:

Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile:

Windows Mobile email:

My first reaction is that I’d have liked to have seen this from Microsoft two years ago. But at least they’ve got there – at least it’s finally coming. I wonder if they’re too late to have captured the zeitgeist? Are consumers far too obsessed and enamoured with the iPhone? We will see. I think there’s still a lot of love in the room for Microsoft. When the last video swapped into ’email looks like Outlook’, I had to wince. That interface is broadly unchanged since I was doing email on my Compaq iPaq back in 2002.

Anyway I look forward to seeing how the devices get on in the wild.

(I should point out that thanks to Unruly Media — who provided the videos — we will receive a glorious 8 cents per view of these videos… which, with a fair wind, might keep the lights on here at Mobile Industry Review for about 20 minutes)

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