Report: Two new iPhones on the way

Right then, let’s get guessing.

The Wall Street Journal’s Yukari, Ting-I and Niraj are big on what they reckon is coming with iPhone. They’re quoting ‘people briefed on the matter‘.

Whenever I see those type of things, I can’t help but think of Jim Hacker from the BBC’s Yes, Prime Minister sitting with a journalist negotiating over his ‘source’ title.

– People close to
– Sources close to
– Informed sources
– Insiders
– Familiar with the matter

And so on.

Apparently we’re going to be lucky chaps and ladies when Mr Jobs gets up on stage some time soon to introduce the next generation iPhone. It seems there are two models coming. One is CMDA. The other is… well. GSM we presume. The ‘people briefed on the matter’ didn’t brief enough, alas.

Apparently Verizon will be getting hold of the CDMA version. And goodness me, that’ll be worth having. Their network is utterly stupendously ridiculously fast and I’m sure they’ll be able to handle the iPhone’s data demands nicely. You never know though, perhaps Sprint might even get in on the iFun.

Begin your speculations…. NOW!

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