BuzzCity’s mobile money research: 90% have purchased via mobile

Mobile media company, published a report on mobile money recently, based on research they did across their rather sizeable worldwide audience. In case you’re wondering, here’s a break down of their mobile page impressions last year across their top countries:

Very impressive.

BuzzCity placed text banners across their ad network and got 1,798 respondents. Here’s some summary results:

– 90% of mobile users have purchased either products or services using their mobile phone
– 47% of respondents did not know their bank offered mobile banking as a service
– Although 68% of purchases were related to mobile phone use (mobile content, pre-paid airtime etc.), 23% have bought from online stores, paid a bill, bought prepaid utilities and made bookings and would like the opportunity to purchase more goods such as books, music, travel services and electronic appliances
– 29% of those surveyed did not have a bank account and 56% did not have access to either a credit or debit card

Very, very interesting.

You can get a free copy of the whole report (PDF) here.

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