Make something like this Nokia, and the game is afoot!

That there is the next Nokia handset — the X9 — supporting 720p quad LED, microSD, HDMI, dual mini USB, AMOLED screen…

No wait…

Alas, it’s just a concept.

Yup, it’s made-up — but it’s a really-good made-up set of images. It’s been published by the chaps over at Greek technology site, Pestaola and I picked it up from via Chanse.

As MobileLivingRoom points out, this handset is technically feasible.

I hope that Nokia are working on something like this. Something fit for the ‘i’ generation. Something that, when you put it next to a (rather old looking) iPhone 3GS, it doesn’t look like it was conceived in the Bronze Age.

Bring it on.

I’d have one of those X9s, definitely.

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