I’m speaking at Devnest #7 this evening in London – come along

I was invited to speak at the Twitter Developer Nest event tonight by Angus Fox, one of the organisers. He asked if I’d be willing to do a ‘state of the nation’ mobile applications presentation, but customise it to the audience of (desktopish) developers potentially interested in going mobile.

“Bring it on!” I said.

So I shall be there from 6pm this evening — if you’d like to come along, entry is free, but you do need to register.

There is also free pizza, beer and good networking — supported by new sponsor, PayPalX.

Here’s the agenda:


6:00 pm – Pizza, Beer, Networking

6:30 pm – Developer talk

* Ewan Macleod – @Ew4n – Mobile State of the nation for developers
Ewan is Editor of Mobile Industry Review, http://ping.fm/GUmW6 He will illuminate the topic of which mobile platforms you should place your social media application development bets on?
* Gary Gale – @vicchi – Twitter’s use of our WOEIDs and associated technology
Gary is Director of Engineering in the UK for the Geo Technologies at Yahoo! which provides the tools and technologies that drive user location, geocoding, location identification and disambiguation within Yahoo!, both internally and via public services
* Paul Kinlan – @paul_kinlan – Introducing Google Buzz
Paul is Developer Programmes Engineer at Google. We are delighted to welcome google to our devnest community and hear and see and ask about what they are doing.

7:45 pm – Break, Network Time, 15mins

8:00 pm – 140 second show and tweet demo/preso

* Andras Serfozo – @SubZtep
* Tim Whitlock – @timwhitlock

Places available for sign up on the night. You have 140 secs to explain something, show something, or argue about something.

8:30 pm – Activities and events

* Chirp, an update on UK plans to attend the official twitter developer conference featuring @devmission
* WarbleCamp. the unofficial free twitter developer unconference @nuxnix

War·ble: n. a sound made by European Twitter devs when they work out the cost of going to @chirp 🙂

9:00 pm – Pub The networking continues…

The event is also kindly supported by: Inuda, Sun Startup Essentials and Multizone Limited

I look forward to seeing you there…

(My Original Blog Post: http://ping.fm/oZVRC/2010/03/im_speaking_at_devnest_7_this_evening_in_london_-_come_along.html)


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